Pastaio: Fresh Pasta in Soho

Pastaio: Fresh Pasta in Soho

We’re big pasta fans over here, and Pastaio in Soho is just one of the restaurants that helps to satisfy our cravings. Located just off of Carnaby Street, this is a great spot if you’re looking for affordable dinner in the centre of town. Keep reading for our full review!

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Our Review of Pastaio

We visited Pastaio on a busy Friday evening – we had a reservation so had no trouble with getting a table. We started our meal by sharing a bottle of Pinot Bianco which was a very light white wine.

For starters we shared a burrata and serving of focaccia between the three of us. This was a perfect amount as a sharer and we used the bread to dip into the cheese. Burrata never disappoints and the focaccia was light and fluffy with a nice soft golden crust that made it ideal for dipping.

Next up was the mains – there were plenty of veggie/vegan options as one member of our group does not eat meat. In the end the two meat eaters opted for an 8 hour beef tagliatelle, which they both said was delicious. The servings of pasta are also very generous and filling.

slow cooked beef ragu tagliatelle

Personally, I went for the slow cooked tomato sauce, which was very rich and served with radiatore pasta which was one I hadn’t had before. The pasta was delicious, but after the starters the portion was too big for me to finish.

slow cooked tomato sauce on pasta with parmesan

The menu was well-priced, with the non-meat dishes being just above the £10 mark and the meat one being under £20.

If you’re in need of a pasta restaurant in central London, then this is definitely one to try out. Although, the atmosphere in other London pasta restaurants, like Padella or Flour & Grape is far more cosy during an evening sitting.

As the name would suggest, all of the main dishes at Pastaio are pastas. Made fresh each day the pasta menu consists of dishes including lobster linguine, wild mushroom pasta, mortadella tortellini, and carbonara. 

For starters you can choose from classics like olives, or go for more interesting dishes including roast squash and ricotta, aubergine caponata, and ‘Nduja fried sandwiches.

Desserts (which we could not fit in ourselves) are also Italian inspired, with tiramisu, baked cheesecake, and sorbet being on the menu.

What to Know About Pastaio Before You Go

Pastaio’s mission is to bring the British public tastyfresh pasta that’s great value, and uses seasonal vegetables to work in harmony with nature. The restaurant was founded by Stevie Parle and opened in 2017.

Where is Pastaio & How to Get There

Location: 19 Ganton Street (just off Carnaby Street)

The easiest way to get to Pastaio is to get the tube to Oxford Circus, from there it’s a short walk – approximately 5 minutes. 

As one of the busiest areas of London, there’s lots of other public transport also available nearby. You could also get the bus to Regent Street and walk up Carnaby towards Pastaio from there.


Is Pastaio Wheelchair Friendly?

Yes – their website says they are wheelchair friendly & from being, the tables are designed in such a way that it looks like it would be easy to fit a wheelchair in.

Is the Restaurant Pram Friendly?

Yes – Pastaio says they are pram friendly.

Does Pastaio Take Reservations?

You can make a reservation at the restaurant on their website.

Is There a Vegan Menu?

Pastaio has a dedicated vegan menu, which we were given along with the standard menu. There are lots of options for plant-based diets, and all of the wine they serve is also suitable for vegans.

Do They Take Walk Ins?

Pastaio says they keep a few tables for walk-ins, so you may be able to get a table without a reservation.

What to Do in Soho

Soho is one of London’s most iconic neighbourhoods, so there’s plenty to do both before and after your meal! As Pastaio is just off Carnaby Street, our first recommendation has to be to check out the famous street. From its incredible Christmas lights, to fun shops, you’ll be able to shop until your heart’s content. Make sure you also pop into Liberty’s at the north end of the street as it’s one of the city’s much-loved department stores and is a stunning building.

Soho is also home to London’s West End, with so many theatre shows that you’re sure to find one you’ll love. Why not book into a show and take in the amazing performances given by the actors and musical theatre professionals?

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