41 Bridget Jones’s Diary Filming Locations in London

41 Bridget Jones’s Diary Filming Locations in London

Fans of Bridget Jones’s Diary will have a field day exploring the trilogy’s filming locations in London. We’re self-professed rom-com fans and it really doesn’t get better than good old Bridget and her love triangle with Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver. You best believe we’ve been to each of the filming locations whilst living in London and we’re ready to share them with you now!

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Filming Locations for Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

The first Bridget Jones film, based on Helen Fielding’s 1996 book (which originally started as an anonymous column in The Independent, is a classic rom-com set in London. If you’re just as Bridget-mad as us, you’ll want to follow in her iconic footsteps and we’ve got the locations of the first film for you.

Bridget’s Flat

Bridget Jones's flat on Bedale Street

Bridget’s flat is located in the heart of London at 8 Bedale Street above The Globe pub. If you’re looking for a London photo that screams Bridget, then make sure you get a picture in front of her front door!

Tower Bridge

walk in rom-com Bridget Jones's footsteps over tower bridge in london

Tower Bridge is one of London’s most iconic landmarks and it’s the backdrop to Bridget’s internal monologue where she mulls over her flirting with boss Daniel Cleaver.

Piccadilly Circus 

Running late to Kafka’s Motorbike book launch, Bridget runs through Piccadilly Circus. As one of London’s busiest spots – we don’t envy her having to take on the crowds here in a hurry!

Institute of the Contemporary Arts, The Mall

Kafka's Motorbike book launch is hosted in the Institute of Contemporary Arts on the Mall in London

Bridget makes it to the book launch which is set in the Institute of the Contemporary Arts on The Mall. The gallery often has exhibitions on which you can visit. 

Tate Modern Level 9 Restaurant 

the tate modern restaurant has wonderful views

Bridget and her friends’ regular hangout is the restaurant on Level 9 of the Tate Modern. With its high vantage point this is one of London’s restaurants with the best views (especially as it’s situated across the river from St Paul’s Cathedral).

Momo, Mayfair 

Momo is a lovely Mayfair restaurant where Bridget gets her friends’ advice before going out with Daniel Cleaver. Unfortunately the restaurant is now closed, but the building it was in still resides at 25 Heddon Street. 

Shad Thames 

Bridget and Daniel wander through Shad Thames and share their first kiss under these bridges

Daniel takes Bridget to Cantina Del Ponte at 36 Shad Thames for dinner. Once again, this restaurant is now closed.

The couple also share their first kiss under the iconic bridges of Shad Thames.

Daniel Cleaver’s Flat

Daniel’s flat is located a short walk from that restaurant on Clink Street in the Clink Wharf apartments. (The characters in this film really do have the best homes)!

Dickens & Jones

The unforgettable egg scene with Bridget’s mum was filmed in Dickens & Jones on Regent Street. Currently the building is an Arket store – so you can go inside and have a nosey of where Renée Zellweger once stood!

Borough Market

Sign on a white washed wall at Borough Market

After finding Lara from the New York office in Daniel’s flat, Bridget takes a very glum stroll through Borough Market on her way home. 

BK News

BK news featured in Bridget Jones's Diary is still on Fleet Street today

After getting her job in TV, Bridget is sent to get a report on a human rights case. Whilst waiting on the verdict outside, she pops across the road to BK News to grab some cigarettes. This instantly recognisable news agent is still there to this day!

The Royal Courts of Justice

Bridget is meant to report from outside the royal courts of justice on fleet street

Opposite the newsagent is The Royal Courts of Justice, where Mark Darcy has just won a landmark case. Having missed the moment for an interview, Bridget manages to use her budding fondness of Darcy to land an exclusive interview.

Bedales Wine Bar

The Greek restaurant opposite Bridget Jones's flat

Having had a disaster of a birthday dinner in her flat, which Mark Darcy tries to save, Daniel Cleaver shows up and the two love interests begin to fight (“a fight, a real fight”). Eventually they make their way into the Greek restaurant opposite Bridget’s flat, bursting through the window – which is today Bedales wine bar. We’re big fans of this spot for drinks, so highly recommend popping in.

The Royal Exchange

the closing scene to Bridget Jones's Diary takes place outside the royal exchange

The closing scene to the first film in the Bridget Jones trilogy is one of the most romantic. Having read her diary where she says unpleasant things about Mark upon first meeting him, he leaves her flat. Bridget runs through the snow in just her pants (underwear for any Americans reading) after him, to find he has been into The Royal Exchange to buy her a new diary.

Filming Locations for Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)

Bridget’s adventures in London didn’t finish after the first film, they continued onto a second one a few years later. With Bridget now working in travel TV the movie has lots of filming locations, but there are still plenty in good old London!

Primrose Hill Park

The opening scenes to Bridget Jones the edge of reason take place in Primrose Hill Park

The film opens with scenes of Bridget and Mark frolicking on a luscious green hill to the Sound of Music. This was filmed in Primrose Hill Park, which has beautiful views across the city.

Bridget’s Flat on Beadle Street

Bridget is still in the same flat as the last film, but this time Mark Darcy joins her there far more! (You see her smoking out the window to hide the fact she hasn’t quit from Darcy).

233 Shoreditch High Street 

Who can forget that infamous jellyfish scene with Janey Osbourne where she tells Bridget that Mark was seen with ‘Little Rebecca Gillies’ who has ‘legs up to here.’ This was filmed in a bar at 233 Shoreditch High Street which no longer exists – it is now ‘The Light Bar & Dining.’

Mark Darcy’s House

Mark Darcy lives in the pretty London suburb of Richmond

As a top human rights lawyer it’s no surprise that Mark Darcy has a nice house. Nestled in the London suburb of Richmond, his house is at 9 Kings Road in Richmond (this is someone’s home so please be respectful if you visit this location). Don’t confuse this road with Chelsea’s famous King’s Road.

Piccadilly Circus

Once again Piccadilly Circus gets a prominent feature, with Bridget happily strolling through whilst her life plays out on the large screen.

Rigby & Peller

The Law Council Dinner plays a pivotal role in The Edge of Reason, and so Bridget’s getting ready does too. Rigby & Peller on Conduit Street is where she gets into shapewear and tries on dresses ahead of the event.

One Great George Street

The Law Council Dinner itself takes place in 1 Great George Street which is a conference and meeting venue. If you’re in charge of any large work events, why not satisfy your Bridget needs and book this gorgeous location?

Tower Bridge

After the disastrous dinner Mark and Bridget walk back along the banks of the River Thames where you will see Tower Bridge in the background.

Italian Gardens, Hyde Park

the italian gardens is a must visit spot on a rom-com tour of london

Having returned from Thailand where he orchestrated getting Bridget out of jail, Mark Darcy locates Daniel Cleaver (in the Serpentine Gallery) and takes him on in a fight. Whilst the building they exit is not in the Italian Gardens, the ensuing fight is filmed in the fountains at this location. 

Trinity Church Square

Having learnt of Darcy’s efforts to get her out of jail, Bridget begins her journey to find Mark. In the pouring rain in Trinity Church Square she hails a cab to take her to her destination. 

Farringdon Street

On the way to Mark’s office Bridget asks the cab driver about her outfit – she does this whilst they are on Farringdon Street.

The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple

Middle Temple is where Mark Darcy works and where he ultimately proposes to Bridget

Bridget finally gets to Mark’s office – soaking wet from that lorry scene – at The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple. She makes her way through the halls before telling an old man she’s in love with him by mistake and finally getting to Mark’s chambers that are full of important people. They get engaged in the corridor. 

Filming Locations for Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)

Just when we thought we wouldn’t get another dose of Bridget Jones’s adventures in London, the cast came back with the 2016 Bridget Jones’s Baby. The plot of the film here diverges from the books massively (as people were rightly outraged by turns of events in the novels).

Bridget’s Flat

where to find rom-com icon Bridget Jones's flat in London

Years may have passed, but Bridget has not given up her cosy flat in Borough Market. And with an address like that we can’t say we blame her!

Borough Market

The ultimate locals guide to where to eat and drink in Borough Market

Borough Market features once again in the third movie, this time we can see the Shard in the background. When the original films were made this famous building had not yet been built.

Southwark Bridge

Bridget Jones walks across Southwark Bridge in Bridget Jones's Baby

It wouldn’t be a Bridget Jones film without our leading lady walking purposefully across a bridge – and this time it’s Southwark Bridge.

St Clement Danes Church

Daniel Cleaver is believed to have died in a plane crash, and this gorgeous London church is where his funeral is held (complete with the pews filled with an array of attractive young women). Luckily by the end of the film it is revealed that he has been found alive!

Regus Studios, 2 Kingdom Street

Bridget is now a senior producer at Hard News. Her office was filmed at Regus Studios located at 2 Kingdom Street, We believe their studios have now moved so you’ll need to head to the street address rather than the business!

St Pancras International

St Pancras features in the third Bridget Jones film

Thinking she’s off on a lovely relaxing weekend, Bridget meets work friend Miranda in St Pancras International before they head off to a music festival where Patrick Demspey makes his entrance as Jack (and Ed Sheeran makes an appearance in a cameo).

Stoney Street

On her way to Jude’s child’s christening, Bridget meets Shaza and her kids in their car on Stoney Street.

University College Hospital

Having discovered she’s pregnant, Bridget attends all of her doctor’s appointments at University College Hospital where Emma Thompson (another rom-com legend) plays her doctor.

Granary Square

Where Bridget tells her friends about her one night music festival stand with love guru Jack Quant (Patrick Dempsey).

The Supreme Court

Mark Darcy works in the supreme court in London in the third film

The Supreme Court is the backdrop for Mark Darcy’s legal case in Bridget Jones’s Baby. 

The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple

After his court case, Mark and Bridget take a stroll to his private office (still located in Middle Temple) where she tells him about the baby.

Aquatics Centre, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The prenatal classes that Bridget attends with Mark and Jack take place in the Aquatics Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Greenwich Park

a complete guide to London's Greenwich

Bridget and Shazza catch up in Greenwich park whilst Jack entertains Shazza’s kids in the background.

Albert Bridge 

Mark and Jack carry Bridget over Albert Bridge when she's in labour

Albert Bridge is perhaps the prettiest but most underrated bridge in London so we were happy to see it featured in this film. Whilst Mark is carrying Bridget to the hospital (whilst she’s in labour), Jack catches up whilst they’re on the bridge and gives Darcy a break.

Map of Bridget Jones London Locations

Check out the map we’ve created of all the London locations of Bridget Jones. Stars are locations in the first film, taxis the second, and babies the third. We haven’t repeated locations if they were in a previous film.

Bridget Jones 4 Returning to London?

As the third film took a turn away from the books, it’s hard to predict what the fourth film will have in store for us. It’s been rumoured that the fourth film will see a return from all three main actors: Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant. It’s believed it will begin filming in May 2024, with release potentially being in 2025.

We expect a return to London – and are secretly hoping we might stumble across some of the sets! 

Original author Helen Fielding has commented that she was working on an adaptation of the fourth book ‘Mad About the Boy’ for this upcoming film. The novel sees Bridget 4 years on from Mark’s death – so we might expect a sad turn in the most recent update.

Bridget Jones London Checklist

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