The Battersea Light Festival 2024: Dazzle in the Dark

The Battersea Light Festival 2024: Dazzle in the Dark

Battersea Light Festival is back for another year, and it’s bigger and better than ever. We headed down to the Power Station one evening after the sun had set to take in all of the installations they have on display this year and we can’t wait to share the incredible works of art with you!

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What is the Battersea Light Festival?

The Battersea Light Festival is an interactive group of artworks using light from both British and International artists. Each lightscape offers a spectacular visual experience, whilst some of the pieces even allow you to get hands on and create light for yourself. Take yourself down to the Power Station where it is hosted today and immerse yourself in incredible light and sound experiences now.

When is the Festival on in 2024?

Battersea Light Festival is on from 25th January 2024 – 25th February 2024. We recommend heading down once it’s dark, but whilst Battersea Power Station is still open to take in the wonderful artwork outside and inside the building.

They are on daily from 8am – 11pm.

About the Installations at Battersea

The installations change every year, which means you’ll just want to keep coming back every single winter to take in what they have to offer! Here’s the run-down on 2024’s amazing artworks and their artists.

Butterfly Effect by Masamichi Shimada

Battersea Light Festival - Butterfly Effect by Masamichi Shimada

Our favourite of the light installations has to be the Butterfly Effect by Masamichi Shimada. Located in front of the iconic London landmark, are 6 large illuminated butterflies sitting on the water features as well as on land. The butterflies are a welcoming shade of blue that looks incredible against the backdrop of the shopping centre. 

Masamichi Shimada’s intentions with this artistic work is to display that no matter how big our challenges in life, a small act from someone can make a world of difference – really taking on the true meaning of the butterfly effect.

LightPiano by Arion de Munck and Mark Ridder

Located in Turbine Hall B, LightPiano is a work of art that sees cubes hung down from the ceiling, connected to a piano. When the keys are played they light up the cubes – showcasing how music and image can become one. If you’re a gifted piano player, this is a fantastic opportunity to not only get in some practice but to experience music in a new way.

Singularity by Squidsoup

Light installation outside Battersea Power Station

Nestled between the power station and the River Thames, you’ll find Singularity by Squidsoup. This large sphere is strung with lots of lights joining in the centre. The dynamic light movement in this installation at Battersea Light Festival is truly mesmerising and is meant to represent an “imagined point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable.”

C/C by Angela Chong

Located on Electric Boulevard this interactive light installation doubles as a bench. The artwork, made from transparent acrylic, uses LED lights to change colour in a rhythmic way. During the day, the bench also casts beautiful shadows onto the ground.

Lightbattle III by Venividmultiplex

Looking for a way to continue your new year’s exercise resolutions with a bit of fun thrown in? Lightbattle III plays on the Dutch heritage of cycling, with 6 bikes in total, underneath an arch that lights up as the bikes are pedalled. The light will intensity the harder you cycle.

Cloudy Lanterns by Mad Rhizome

Cloud lights outside Battersea Power Station

Another of our favourites was the Cloudy Lanterns by Mad Rhizome. This features floating geometric shapes that illuminate a welcoming glow ranging from blue to purple to green. The light installation welcomes visitors to lift their eyes up and immerse themselves in their own thoughts.

Large Diamond by Freerk Wilbers

Large diamond installation inside Battersea Power Station

Hanging in Turbine Hall A you’ll find Large Diamond by Freerk Wilbers. The individual ‘diamonds’ reflects and bends the light that lands upon them, making this piece truly shine and shimmer. Take a moment to take in the reflections and glow.

How to Get to Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station is easier to reach than ever, with its very own tube stop that’s on the Northern Line. It’s also a short 10 minute walk from Vauxhall Station which has both overground services and the Victoria Line.

For a fun way to get there, we recommend jumping on the Uber Boat!

The Power Station also have a car park for those who want to drive.

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