10 Swiftie Things to Do in London

10 Swiftie Things to Do in London

We all love Taylor Swift and her music, but what Swiftie things are there to do right here in London? It’s no secret our girl loves London, and this city loves her just as much. We’ve rounded up the very best Taylor Swift inspired things to do in London so you don’t have to!

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1. Swiftogeddon 

The ultimate Taylor Swift nightclub – Swiftogeddon is a regular club night that exclusively plays Taylor Swift music. The venue changes each time, from clubs in the East to our favourite Between the Bridges Southbank location in the summer months. If you’re looking for a place to dance and sing the night away to Taylor with your best Swiftie friends, then this is the place to do it!

2. Take Your Own London Boy Tour of the City

a lake in Hampstead Heath

Taylor mentions London in a few of her songs, but the ultimate love letter to our wonderful city is London Boy (even if the boy is no more). We’ve put together a complete guide to exploring all of the London Boy locations so you can experience Taylor’s London. Particular highlights include Hampstead “the heath,” Soho, and the West End! Here are all the locations you need to know:

3. Catch Taylor Swift Play Wembley Stadium this Summer

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on Eras Tour ticket for Wembley in either June or August of 2024 then you’re going to get the best London Taylor Swift experience of your life. Taylor last played Wembley on her Reputation tour and if the Eras Tour movie was anything to go by we think we’re in for a real treat with these upcoming shows! 

Wembley Stadium dressed for Love on Tour - the same stadium Taylor Swift will play summer of 2024

Did you know London has the most Eras tour dates of any city on the full worldwide tour?! 

If you haven’t managed to get tickets, keep an eye out closer to the date. For the American shows, some restricted-view tickets were put up for sale in the days before each show.

4. Candlelit Orchestra Concert 

The inside of Southwark Cathedral where some of Taylor Swift's songs will be played by an orchestra

Candlelight orchestra concerts are a popular event here in London and there are frequent ones dedicated to Taylor Swift’s music in some of the most beautiful venues in the city. Just look at how gorgeous Southwark Cathedral is and how incredible hearing an orchestra play your favourite Taylor songs live would be!

5. Swiftie Spin Classes

Gym gal who likes to workout to the beat of Bad Blood, Cruel Summer, or Bejewelled – then a Taylor Swift spin class will be for you! Psycle have Taylor Swift Sundays where each of their spin classes is done to the Queen of Pop’s songs.

6. Kentish Delight Kebab Shop

It’s been said that Kentish Delight Kebab shop is Taylor Swift’s favourite in the city. In fact, it even featured in the End Game music video – so if you’re looking for some authentic London food that has been eaten by Taylor, head up here.

7. Swiftie Boat Party

What could be better than being on a boat cruising down the Thames with Taylor blasting from the speakers and a glass of prosecco in hand (perhaps even wearing blue)? We’ve found one event that would be just perfect if that sounds like it’s up your street, or Cornelia Street should be say? The brunch club is running a Taylor Swift boat party through London that you can book yourself onto now!

8. Taylor Themed Quizzes

Think you know everything there is to know about Miss Swift? Then get yourself down to a Taylor Swift themed quiz, there’s plenty always happening in London. Check out Market House in Brixton for a regular Taylor quiz that’ll put your knowledge to the test!

9. Get in the Flow with Taylor Swift Yoga

The Engine Room hosts a regular Taylor Swift yoga flow that helps you to reach ultimate zen whilst. Run by Soul Sista Yoga, you can enjoy a complete hour of exercise to your favourite artist’s music! 

10. Paint Your Own Taylor-Inspired Pottery

The Carb Club runs a regular Taylor Swift paint your own pottery club – with the choice between painting a pasta bowl, cereal bowl, pet bowl, mug, small plate, three coasters, or a large coaster. What a better way to spend a chilled afternoon being creative with your friends?

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