Bond Street’s Christmas Lights

Bond Street’s Christmas Lights

Bond Street’s Christmas lights are always some of the best in town, and this year they’ve had a switch up. Whether you’re after looking at the main lights for the street, or want to explore the Christmas decor of the high-end shops. We have the ultimate guide to Bond Street’s Christmas lights to help you plan your visit!

When Do Bond Street’s Christmas Lights Go On?

Bond Street’s Christmas lights will turn on on the 17th November 2022 (although we did catch them testing the lights during October)! The individual shops’ Christmas lights may be on different dates – it’s important to note. However, by that stage in November we’d expect them all to be dressed up for the season!

Bond Street’s New Royal Themed Christmas Lights

2022 sees a new set of Christmas lights for Bond Street. The new decorations are Royal themed in a London nod to our late Queen. These new lights began the planning stages in 2021, ahead of the Queen’s Jubilee. However, with her passing just a short while after the 75th celebrations the new lights are a touching tribute to her.

At each major junction along Bond Street, we’ll see large crowns that have been inspired by the Imperial State Crown. Whilst the lights in between have been designed to imitate diamond, gold, and platinum necklaces. We’re also expecting to see festive getaways at the North and South end of Bond Street, decorated with luminous pearl-like lights.

Bond Street’s Peacock Lights

With the new Royal inspired Bond Street Christmas lights, it comes time to say goodbye to the peacock lights that have served London’s streets for the past 8 years. The peacock lights had been inspired by the beginnings and history of Bond Street, and its presence as a staple of high-class London fashion.

Bond Street Shops Dress to the Nines for Christmas

Chanel dresses up on bond street for Christmas

Bond Street serves up a treat at Christmas, with brands such as Cartier, Channel, Tiffany and more lining the streets it’s no surprise we can expect the best. In previous years we have seen night-sky inspired displays outside Tiffany, and Cartier wrapped up in a massive bow. Take a look at what we saw in 2021, and we expect 2022 to be just as incredible!

Are Bond Street’s New Lights Sustainable?

The new Christmas lights on Bond Street are made up of 93,652 LEDs. These LEDs are more sustainable than regular lights, with an efficiency saving of 75%. This step towards efficiency has been seen across the London Christmas offerings, including the Oxford Street Christmas lights. The display will be making use of recyclable and reusable materials, such as recycled polymer and aluminium. All the lights are 100% recyclable, and the hours they are on will be cut compared to usual to reduce energy consumption.

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