Oxford Street Christmas Lights 2023

Oxford Street Christmas Lights 2023

The Oxford Street Christmas Lights are a pinnacle of London during the festive season. Until those lights are lit, and our destination shopping street filled with holiday shoppers – Christmas hasn’t quite begun! We’ve got all the details on when they’ll be switched on this year and what to expect!

When Are the Oxford Street Christmas Lights Turned on?

This year the Oxford Street Christmas Lights will be returning on Thursday 2nd November 2023. They’ve already been strung up as of the end of September, ready to be switched on and illuminate the skies in a matter of weeks. 

Who’s Turning on the Lights in 2023?

Whilst in previous years we’ve seen minor celebrities turning on the iconic Oxford Street Christmas lights – it appears that this year there won’t be one. We’ll keep this article updated with any updates on this however.

What are the Oxford Street Christmas Lights?

The Oxford Street Christmas Lights appear every year and are strung across the street between the rows of shops. There have been different designs of the lights over the years, but 2023 sees a return to the stars we saw in 2021 and 2022.

How Many Lights are There?

There will reportedly be 5,000 lights strung up Oxford Street to illuminate shoppers this Christmas season. It’s a long road so it’s no surprise it requires so many lights!

Energy Saving LEDs on Oxford Street

With the cost of living crisis looming and energy bills higher than ever, you may wonder what Oxford Street is doing to address this with their Christmas lights. This year you’ll find that the 5,000 stars are primarily made up of LEDs which are more energy efficient. The bulbs will also be able to be recycled into future displays, limiting the use of single-use plastic this year.

How to Get to Oxford Street

If you’re wanting to get a good look at the Oxford Street Christmas lights there are a few ways to get here. The closest tube stations are: Oxford Circus, Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road, and Marble Arch. There are also bus stops up and down the street, perfect for jumping on and off.

If you’re local, why not take in all the Christmas lights that London has to offer this season and have a gentle stroll up to Oxford Street.

Things to Do & Places to Eat After Seeing the Lights

Once you’ve seen the lights you may be wondering where to go and eat. It doesn’t get more central than Oxford Street which means there’s plenty of great food options. From Circolo Popolare, Mowglis, and Where the Pancakes are in Fitzrovia. To The Real Greek in Soho. You’ll find plenty of places to dig into some food.

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