Sketch London: What It’s Really Like

Sketch London: What It’s Really Like

Sketch is one of London’s most Instagrammed restaurants – and with good reason. Nestled in a grand Mayfair venue, visitors to Sketch will tell you it’s more than just a meal, it’s an experience. Having been to a couple of the different restaurants within Sketch, we’re ready to tell you all about this iconic spot.

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Sketches 5 Restaurants & Bars

Sketch whilst one business, it actually 5 different bars and restaurants. Which means in just one visit you cannot experience all that this wonderful place has to offer! We’re going to guide you through each of the 5 restaurants and bars so you can decide which one to visit first.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect romantic restaurant for a date, or somewhere aesthetic to enjoy time with friends, Sketch has the perfect spot for you.

The Lecture Room & Library

inside the lecture room and library sketch mayfair

The fanciest of Sketch’s restaurants is The Lecture Room and Library which is located in the upstairs of 9 Conduit Street. Having not one, but three michelin stars, this truly is an experience as well as an indulgence in all the best kinds of food. 

The menu consists of modern French dishes and is created by head chef Daniel Stucki. If you visit The Lecture Room and Library we recommend opting for the tasting menu to really get to experience the true variety of flavours and presentations on offer in this incredible restaurant.

The decor is opulent, with rich velvet chairs that are comfy enough for the over 3 hour sitting that the tasting menu takes. Expect to spend a lot here, at the beginning of 2024 the tasting menu cost £190 and the vegetarian tasting menu cost £170 – that’s excluding service and any drinks you may wish to order.

The Glade

inside The Glade at Sketch

The Glade doubles as an fairytale-esque eatery by day and a whimsical cocktail bar by night. Serving breakfast and lunch, The Glade is one of the more affordable restaurants in Sketch – so perfect if you want to experience the venue without a large expense. 

The decor plays with nature, the floor is a carpet that is inspired by an enchanted forest with different coloured tufts of ‘grass.’ 

The breakfast menu has all your favourites from acai bowls, to poached eggs, to waffles. You could even choose to wash it down with a cocktail if you’re celebrating something special. We’ve visited for breakfast in the past, and if you’re looking to get photos of Sketch with nobody in, we recommend booking for when they open (just be warned that the egg toilets won’t be open at this time).

The lunch menu is called “sea and shore” with a fantastic variety of seafood and vegetarian dishes. From a tasty burrata salad to sea bream ceviche, to scallops and beetroot risottos – this could be a perfect spot for a business lunch. Two courses are £40 and three courses are £45 for lunch.

The East Bar & Pods (Egg Toilets)

pod toilets at Sketch Mayfair

Talking of the egg toilets, you’ll find these Instagram famous loos in the East Bar and Pods. Walking through The Gallery through a set of metal double doors at the back, you’ll be faced with a sunken DJ booth and bar blasting music. On either side of the bar are a set of impeccably white stairs, one labelled for men, the other for women. Take yourself up these and you’ll find the iconic egg toilets, complete with a disco floor for a roof!

This vibey area of Sketch is open Thursday – Sunday. You can either book ahead for your visit, or they also take walk-ins here.

The Parlour

As with The Glade, The Parlour focuses on being a salon de thé in the daylight, and a live music bar in the evening. It shares the same breakfast menu as The Glade, however the lunchtime menu is called ‘Comfort Food.’

With quiches and soups for starters, followed by burgers, fish and chips, gnocchi, and bagels for mains, you’ll adore the quality and service at The Parlour. The decor in this Sketch restaurant is fun and playful, and it is located at the front of 9 Conduit Street – so even if you’re not planning on visiting this particular spot, you will see it as you walk in.

The cocktail menu is full of classics each spun with a Sketch twist. Each cocktail is inspired by music and flavours.

The Gallery

The Gallery, once known colloquially as ‘The Pink Room’ has since turned yellow but is equally as aesthetic. Self-described as a ‘gastro-brasserie,’ it is decorated by works from British-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare, set against a warm background of golden yellow.

During the day you can experience Sketch’s iconic afternoon-tea, which as of the beginning of 2024 costs £80 per person. The afternoon-tea menu changes throughout the year, with special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and local events – like Mayfair in Bloom, getting their very own menu.

In the evening you can enjoy an a la carte dinner, featuring dishes such as Dover sole, roasted venison, and grilled cauliflower, The dessert menu is equally as impressive and we’ve got our eyes on this particular restaurant to eat at next!

Our Review of Sketch, Mayfair

We’ve now been to Sketch twice – once to The Glade for breakfast and once to the Lecture Room and Library for the tasting menu. Each visit, the service has been spectacular. You start your journey at the front desk, letting them know you have arrived for your booking. For those in the downstairs restaurants, you can leave coats and bags in the cloak room. If you’re eating the three michelin star restaurant your coats will be taken from you by a member of staff for safe keeping.

In the Glade we were shown to our seats and given the breakfast menu – as we had an early booking of 9am there was only us and one other group seated for most of our stay. We ordered the waffles with fruit and chantilly cream. As well as the eggs benedict, along with coffees. Both meals were super tasty and well priced for breakfast in a nice restaurant. Unfortunately at this early hour the iconic egg toilets were not open which was a shame – but don’t worry there are other loos in the building!

For the Lecture Room and Library, we were shown upstairs (at this time in the evening the upstairs is roped off unless you are visiting LLR) through some grand doors and into the restaurant to our seats. All the tables were arranged so that the chairs were facing towards the centre of the room so that every guest could take in the incredible decor. 

seating at the lecture room and library

First a sommelier will come to the table to show you the wine list and ask you for your drinks orders. Personally we didn’t order any alcoholic drinks and stuck to water as we were there for the food more than anything. You will then have your main waiter come over and ask who the host is (to give the priced menu to), whilst everyone else has a non-priced menu. Once you’ve ordered, and the food begins to be served they will bring a smaller version of the menu to your table so you know what you’re eating!

We all chose the tasting menus, both the regular and vegetarian menu. Which consisted of 7 courses, with Feuilletes to start and Petits Fours to finish. Each course was both a feast for the tastebuds and the eyes! The food was extremely tasty, well presented, and had really interesting and intense flavours. A real highlight was the Grand Dessert to finish which consisted of 6 separate dishes. 

After the meal was over and we had paid, we were greeted on our way out by one of the staff members with our coats.

Both experiences at Sketch have left us wanting to come back and experience more. Next on our list is most definitely the afternoon tea in the Gallery and drinks in the East Bar and Pods!

The History of 9 Conduit Street

the sketch sign outside of 9 conduit street

Sketch calls a grand Grade II* listed townhouse, 9 Conduit Street, in Mayfair home. This building began its story as the private home of MP Robert Vyner, and was designed by English Architect James Wyatt in 1779. After Mr Vyner left this home it changed hands between societies, even serving as the headquarters of the Suffragette movement in the 20th century.

Where is Sketch & How to Get There


9 Conduit Street



How to Get Here:

The easiest way to get to Sketch is by tube to Oxford Circus, from there it is a short 5 – 10 minute walk. Just turn down Regent Street, and continue on down until you reach Conduit Street, where you’ll find Sketch on the first block you come to.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sketch

As one of London’s most famous restaurants, there are plenty of questions people ask about Sketch. We’ve done our best to answer your questions below.

Is Sketch London Worth It?

Sketch is one of the pricier restaurants that we’d recommend here, but it’s certainly worth it. For those who want to go all out, then go for their top-tier Michelin star restaurant, but if you want a cheaper experience we’d recommend going for breakfast in either The Glade or The Parlour.

How Expensive is Sketch London?

Sketch can be super expensive with the afternoon-teas starting at £80 and the tasting menus from £170. But if you go for breakfast, you can experience Sketch for less than £40.

Is there a Dress Code for Sketch?

All of Sketch has the same dress code: art-smart. How you choose to interpret this is up to you. However, in the evening people do tend to dress up for this London restaurant – think heels, dresses, and even proper dress suits if you’re visiting the Lecture Room and Library.

Can You Just Go for Drinks at Sketch?

Yes – in the evening there are three bars that serve drinks without the need for food: The Glade, The Parlour, and The East Bar and Pods.

Why is Sketch London Famous?

Sketch is famous for a few things – aside from the great food! You’re probably familiar with the Pink Room – which is now the Yellow Room! The toilets are also iconic, with each loo being an egg that you sit in. The eggs have a disco floor for a roof too.

Who is the Owner of Sketch?

First opening in 2003, the owner of Sketch is Mourad Mazouz.

Can You Just Walk into Sketch?

If you’re just after drinks, then yes Sketch does accept walk-ins. But to avoid disappointment we highly recommend you book.

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