Hatchards: London’s Oldest Bookshop

Hatchards: London’s Oldest Bookshop

Hatchards Bookshop is located right in the heart of Central London and has been a staple part of the literary city for centuries. In its grand building, with rare books, modern novels, and so much more to offer – you don’t want to miss exploring this charming store. Come and discover Hatchards with us.

A Short History of Hatchards

Hatchards is renowned for being London’s oldest bookshop. Founded in 1797 by John Hatchard who was both a published and anti-slavery campaigner. Located on Piccadilly, it has stood in the same building since it first opened. The shop oozes classic British tradition combined with modern times. 

With a wide range of books, from fiction, to non-fiction, to kids’ books. If you can’t find what you want amongst their 100,000 book catalogue, they can order you in anything that’s in print in the UK. 

Who Owns Hatchards

Hatchards is no longer one of London’s independent bookshops. Having been acquired by Pentos in 1990, which was later bought by Waterstones. So the current owners (as of 2023) are Waterstones. Hatchards previously had more than one shop, however Waterstone rebranded all but the flagship to their own branding.

Royal Warrants at Hatchards

As a historic British institute, Hatchards has multiple Royal warrants. A Royal warrant means that a senior member of the royal family uses that company as one of their own providers. Hatchards has a long history with the Royals, with Queen Charlotte being one of its very first customers.

a peak inside hatchards bookshop

The shop holds three Royal warrants: One from the Late Queen Elizabeth, her late husband Prince Phillip, and from King Charles III (from when he was the Prince of Wales).

Rare Books for Sale on Piccadilly

As a prestigious bookshop, and the oldest in the city, it’s no surprise that Hatchards sell both rare and first edition books. Take a browse through their range of rare books to find a special gem to add to your library that can be handed down for generations.

Literary Events at Hatchards

Like all good bookstores, this Piccadilly shop offers a wide range of events. They adore bringing authors and readers together, for memorable occasions. You’ll be able to attend book signings, readings, talks, panels, and more. Take a look at their events page to see if anything catches your eye.

A Book Subscription for Everyone 

It’s no surprise that London’s oldest bookshop offers a subscription service. With multiple variations on sale, you can find the right subscription for you. Choose from non-fiction, fiction, kids, travel, mixed, or art.

Each subscription is available as either a paperback or a hardback version.

Where is Hatchards & How to Get There

Hatchards is located at 187 Piccadilly.

Located next to Fortnum & Mason, it’s equidistant between Green Park Station and Piccadilly Circus Station.

Where to Eat After You’ve Shopped

Hatchards is located on the bustling Piccadilly which has plenty of cafes to choose from. We recommend weaving onto Jermyn Street behind and treating yourself to an exceptional Italian meal at Francos.

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