10 of London’s Best Ice Cream Parlours

10 of London’s Best Ice Cream Parlours

With summer almost here it’s time to discover London’s best ice cream parlours. Whether you’ve spent the day sunbathing in one of the parks, or have got a but hot on a long tube journey, there’s always a reason to treat yourself to ice cream. We’ve put together a list of our 10 favourite ice cream shops in London.

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Is London Known for Ice Cream?

Whilst London is not famous in particular for ice cream, like the South Coast of the UK or Cornwall, it does have its own well-known ice cream spots. We’ve drawn together the very best of London’s offerings so you know exactly where to go next time you get a craving! We recommend hitting these spots up during your summer visits to London.

Milk Train

discover london's best ice cream with us

Milk Train is probably one of the most well known of London’s ice cream shops, with their very own large Instagram following. Located in Covent Garden on Tavistock Street, it’s in a very pretty area that’s ideal for snapping a shot of your impressive treat! Not only is the inside of this parlour aesthetic but their sweet and creamy creations are too! You can expect a beautiful cone topped with fluffy pink candy floss if you stop off here for an ice cream.

Badiani Gelato

Badiani has lots of different gelato flavours - with something for everyone

Badiani Gelato has lots of locations across the city, including Chelsea, Mayfair, and Battersea. Our personal favourite: the pistachio gelato, which you must try on your visit!

Ice Cream Union

Lemon curd ice cream

Located in Chelsea’s Pavilion Road, you’ll find Ice Cream Union. This is one of London’s slightly pricier ice cream parlours so expect a larger price tag than you may be use to. However, if you are in the treat yourself mood, their ice cream really is delicious!

Snowflake Luxury Gelato

Snowflake is located in Soho, Chelsea, and Edgware Road – so no matter where you are in the city you’ll be able to get that ice cream fix. First opening in 2012, this gelato parlour is identifiable from its bright pink façade. You’ll be able to order extras to go alongside your ice cream – from magnificent sundaes, to delectable crepes!

Chin Chin Ice Cream 

Chin Chin Ice Cream is another of London’s best ice cream shops, best known for their torched marshmallow toppings. Located in Camden and Soho, you’ll find experimental but delicious flavours including: Tonka Bean, Burnt Butter Caramel, and Banana Pudding (which is vegan)! If you’re after an ice cream dessert in London, this is also the place to be with various choices available including: Lemon Pie Baked Alaska and Griddled Cookie Dough (which is also vegan). 

La Gelatiera

La Gelatiera is also based in Covent Garden (so if you’re looking to try multiple of London’s best ice creams this is the place to be). They serve artisan gelato, with carefully chosen ingredients and hand-craftsmanship. To ensure fresh gelato, it is made daily in small batches to ensure each customer only gets the top quality. 

Udderlicious Ice Cream

Udderlicious has possibly the best name of all of London’s best ice cream shops. With parlours in both Covent Garden and Islington. Founded by Raj and Raj, a married couple with one half’s family having always been in the ice cream business. They set up Udderlicious as a place to call their own. You can expect fun flavours of the month, such as Jam and Scones specially crafted for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in London.


Amorino have been making gelato for more than 15 years, and also make sorbets that have been certified vegan by The Vegan Society. With luxurious and innovative flavours, including mascarpone and fig, as well as Organic Lemon and Sri Lankan Coconut. You’ll find them serving up delicious cones in both Notting Hill and Camden. 

Soft Serve Society

eton mess ice cream at the soft serve society

Soft Serve Society specialise in exactly what it says on the tin – soft serve ice cream. But don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll be getting your standard Mr Whippy! Soft Serve Society whips up delicious and interesting flavours that you’ll be dying to get your lips on. You can even indulge in Charcoal Coconut flavour or even Matcha! If ice cream isn’t quite your thing you can also pick up a bubble tea in their London stores. 


GioLato is a family owned ice cream shop in London and is relatively new to the scene – opening recently in 2021. As gelato lovers themselves they wanted to spread the love and share some of the best ice cream the city has to offer. They’re located between Victoria and Westminster, perfect for a lunchtime treat in between meetings!

The Parlour at Fortnum & Masons

Fortnum & Masons is a well known British institution that is famous for their beautiful hampers that make ideal gifts. But did you know that the iconic shop also houses The Parlour which is an all-day cafe serving ice cream, coffee, and open sandwiches. If you’re after a sweet treat in a London Landmark, this is the place for you. 


a scoop of pistachio gelato from Oddono's South Kensington

Oddono’s is one of London’s best ice cream shops with 8 locations across the city from Stoke Newington to Chiswick and everywhere in between. First opening in 2004 on Bute Street, Oddono’s serves fresh, natural Italian gelato to its customers. To date they’ve made over 130 flavours of ice cream and serve hot drinks – including hot chocolate – too.

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