13 Notting Hill Filming Locations in London (with map)

13 Notting Hill Filming Locations in London (with map)

Notting Hill starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts is a classic rom-com that takes place between an English bookshop owner and a Hollywood actress. The whole film takes place in London – primarily, as the name would suggest, Notting Hill. We’ve got the low down on where all the filing locations are in the city so you can visit them on your next trip to London!

The Travel Bookshop 

The Travel Bookshop from Notting Hill is a souvenir shop that has retained the title from the film

The most iconic location in this London rom-com film is William Thacker’s bookshop – where William meets Anna Scott, the famous actress for the first time. You can find the exterior for this at 142 Portobello Road. 

Whilst the sign outside says ‘Notting Hill Bookshop’ the inside is just a souvenir shop today. 

The Inspiration for the Bookshop

The inside of the bookshop was filmed at Shepperton Studios, but the inspiration and layout came from the real Notting Hill Bookshop which stands at 13 Blenheim Crescent (just a short walk from the frontage used in the film).

This is one of London’s best independent bookshops and it does get super busy at weekends!

The Cafe

Having met Anna, William (Hugh Grant) takes a stroll to his local coffee shop which was located at 303 Westbourne Park Road. Where he ultimately ends up spilling a drink all over Anna – requiring her to come back to his flat.

William Thacker’s Flat

The outside of William Thacker's flat in Notting Hill with its iconic blue front door

Another filming spot located in Notting Hill itself is William Thacker’s flat with its infamous blue door. This can be found at 280 Westbourne Park Road. Do remember that this is a private residence so be respectful when visiting this location. 

The Ritz

The Ritz is both where Anna Scott stays in Notting Hill & where William Thacker pretends to be from Horse & Hound

One of London’s most famous hotels, The Ritz, is where Anna stays during her visit to the city. This is where Will pretends to be a journalist from Horse & Hound and runs an interview with the actress that is overlooked by her team.

Bella & Max’s House

Will takes Anna on a date to his sister’s birthday dinner, hosted by their friends Bella and Max. Their house is located at 91 Lansdowne Road. This is a private residence so if you plan to take a look please be respectful.

Private Gardens

One of our favourite London scenes from Notting Hill is when Anna and Will break into Rosmead Gardens to frolic around. London is full of lovely private gardens that those lucky enough to live on have access to – but the rest of us do not. Whilst you cannot enter Rosmead you can see the outside of them.


The Japanese restaurant that Anna and Will eat at is Nobu, which is located at 19 Park Lane. In this scene Anna confronts some rude tourists.

The Coronet Cinema

William visits a cinema in Notting Hill, The Coronet, to see Anna Scot’s sci-fi film. Whilst here he wallows in his pity at having lost Anna. This cinema is located at 103 Notting Hill Gate and is now a theatre – if you want a look inside check out what The Coronet Theatre has showing during your visit to London.

The Failed Restaurant

To discuss his unlucky love life, William Thacker heads to his friend’s failed restaurant. Tony’s Restaurant was never real, but the exterior can be found at 105 Golborne Road. Today it is a shop.

Anna’s Filming Location: Kenwood House 

Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath is where Anna Scott is filming her period Henry James movie

Months after William loses Anna, she is back in London once again to shoot a Henry James movie. The filming location for this is the stunning Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath. This is where the couple once again are reunited. Kenwood House is free to visit and we certainly recommend you do! Their cafe is also really lovely here!

Anna’s Press Conference

One of the final scenes in Notting Hill is Anna’s press conference, where William Thacker once again poses as a journalist to get in. The conference is held in the Lancaster Room at The Savoy hotel. Will ultimately proposed to Anna, before the film ends with their wedding.

Leicester Square Film Premiere

The movie ends with Anna being escorted by William to one of her film premieres which takes place in Leicester Square.

Map of Notting Hill Filming Locations

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