The Lecture Room & Library: 3 Michelin Star Dining in Mayfair

The Lecture Room & Library: 3 Michelin Star Dining in Mayfair

The Lecture Room & Library is one of Sketch’s 4 restaurants, and it’s the only one to hold a Michelin star (in fact – it has three)! There are only six 3 Michelin star restaurants in London, so this is truly a venue that you don’t want to miss. We recently went as a special treat (as it is very pricey) and are here to delve into the details of everything from the service, to the decor, to the food.

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What is the Lecture Room & Library?

The Lecture Room & Library is Sketch’s 3 Michelin star restaurant. It gained its first star in 2005, its second in 2012, and its third in 2019 – being only one of eight restaurants in the whole of the UK with this accolade.

The food is described as French Modern, and at the time of writing the head chef is Daniel Stucki.

There are a variety of menus to choose from at the Lecture Room & Library – two tasting menus, one containing meat and fish, and a vegetarian menu. There is also an a la carte if you want to indulge in a slightly smaller meal!

Each dish does not come as just one plate – rather a ‘main’ plate surrounded by lots of smaller accompanying dishes.

There are wine pairings available for each dish, if you are also a wine lover.

Our Experience of Sketch’s 3 Michelin Star Restaurant

Our experience at Sketch begins as we walk through the grand front doors. As always, we were greeted at the front desk by impeccably dressed and welcoming front of house staff who took us up to the restaurant. On the way we are greeted by another member of staff, dressed in an outfit that can only be described as a posh-maid, who took our coats and scarves from us.

At the very top of the stairs a set of grand doors are opened and we are welcomed into the Lecture Room & Library – the decor is immediately opulent and vibrant. With all the guests dressed impeccably. 

Once sat at our table, we are first approached by the sommelier who showcases their wine list. We were visiting to experience the food, which as it was already very expensive, we decided to opt for water rather than any alcohol to save ourselves a few pennies!

Next our main waiter comes over to ask who is the host – the host is the only person at the table to receive the menu that contains the prices. The rest of us have the same menu but with no prices – as we don’t usually eat in such extravagant restaurants this is a novel touch to us.

The Decor

large chandelier at the lecture room and library

The interior of the restaurant oozes luxury from every corner. Designed by Gabhan O’Keeffe, the restaurant boasts shades of orange and silver. With luxurious armchairs upholstered in purple and crimson. With beautiful wallpapers and ornate plasterwork, finished with a grand lightshade in the centre of the room – it calls for photos to be taken (although be aware of other guests in the room & don’t get them in the photo).

The Tasting Menus (Both Regular & Vegetarian)

Before arriving we’d already decided that we would be having the tasting menu. There are two versions of the menu, the regular menu that contains both meat and fish dishes, as well as the vegetarian menu.

The vegetarian menu features many of the same elements as the meat dishes, just presented in a different way and with extra ingredients.

The first course is feuilletes – this consists of lots and lots of really tiny portions of food. Personally, this was my favourite of the courses as each tiny morsel was packed with flavour – I don’t think I’ve ever experienced mango packed with so much flavour.

feuilletes at llr

Then we dived into the main courses, which we’ll give you the run down of now.

Tasting Menu:

Hand-dived Scottish scallops / Creme fraiche with Oscietra, smoked sardine, Granny Smith apple / Camilleri condiment, quince paste, radicchio tardivo, Noilly Prat Priestley / Leek Fondue / Potato Gnocchi

Roscoff onion & juniper berry agnolotti / Coffee & horn of plenty butter / Cep ice cream / Clementine jelly

Pan-seared gambero rosso / Salsify with seaweed / Duck foie gras flan / Reduced shellfish jus

pan seared gambero rosso with foie gras

Two veloutes: Delica pumpkin & chestnut, squid with Lautrec garlic / Shavings of tuber melanosporum black truffle

two veloutes pumpkin and chestnut

Grilled Cornish sea bass / Fresh herbs / Parmesan tuile / Comice pear / Celeriac with black sesame seeds / Beurre Nantais

cornish seabass at lecture room and library

Roasted fillet of Welsh roe deer / Veil of home-cured Middle White pork lard / Red cabbage marmalade / Confit kumquats / Beetroot salad with persimmon / Tamarillo sorbet / Civet of shoulder / Pineapple & oat brittle

Vegetarian Tasting Menu:

British Cornice pear sorbet & veloute / Quince paste / Radicchio / Pain Perdu / Winter leaves with Greek yoghurt

Stuffed Savoy cabbage / Wild mushrooms

stuffed savoy cabbage with wild mushrooms

Two creams: Chestnut & Delica pumpkin / Shavings of tuber melanosporum black truffle

two creams - chestnut and pumpkin with truffle

Champagne granita / Tiger-lemon jelly / Yuzu foam / Roscoff onion & fresh ginger tart

Roscoff onion and ginger tart

Confit St. Ewe free-range rich yolk egg / Chicory fondue with clementine / Daikon julienne / Pink fir potato / Vintage soy sauce

rich confit egg yolk on celeriac and potato fondue

Green Puy lentil dahl agnolotti / Montgomery cheddar / Braised & juiced Dunkirk carrot

green lentil dahl agnolotti and roast veg

Pierre Gagnaire’s Grand Dessert:

the grand dessert of six dishes

Frozen lemon: bavaroise, génoise, marmalade, citrus salad, lime royal icing

Victoria pineapple slices marinated with pink peppercorn / Pomegranate & tapioca pearls cooked in coconut milk

Macvin jelly / Quince paste & jelly / Yellow mango brunoise / Amarelli ice cream

Winter black truffle souffle tart / Mushroom crisps & lamb’s lettuce leaves

Blackcurrant / Caramalised mendiants / Roasted chestnut

Chocolate Opera / Almond paste / Cocoa foam

Petit Fours

delicate petit fours

The History of the Lecture Room & Library

London is an old and historic city and we love when restaurants boast about their rich history. On the back of the menu at the Lecture Room & Library, they give you a really comprehensive view of the history of the building and the specific room you’re dining in.

Sketch is located at 9 Conduit Street which was originally built for MP Robert Vyner as his private residence by architect James Wyatt in 1779. After Wyatt moved out, the building became host to a rotation of societies that included everything from cyclists to psychologists. 

It most notably ended up as the headquarters of the Suffragette movement in the early 20th century. On July 17th 1869 Dame Millicent Fawcett gave her first ever speech calling for the enfranchisement of women at a public meeting in the Lecture room. She went on to not only champion for women’s quality, but was the first woman to be honoured with a monument in Parliament Square.

So whilst you’re enjoying your meal, take a moment to appreciate the rich history and significance of the room you are sitting in.

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