Humble Crumble: A New Take on A British Classic

Humble Crumble: A New Take on A British Classic

Apple crumble is the epitome of British desserts, and Humble Crumble takes the traditional Sunday food to the next level. As fans of crumble, we couldn’t wait to try out Instagram favourite Humble Crumble when we moved to the city. Having now devoured a couple of crumbles, we’re ready to give you the low down on this popular eatery!

What is Humble Crumble?

Hubble Crumble is an eatery based in two of London’s best markets: Spitalfields Markets and Borough Market. They describe themselves as the ‘World’s first crumble bar,’ serving artisanal crumble. Their market stands have fresh crumble ready to be enjoyed then and there, whilst the Humble Crumble website offers the opportunity to indulge in their delicious food at home!

is Humble Crumble worth the hype

Humble Crumble is a fan favourite amongst London foodies due to the Instagrammable nature of their offerings! In particular, their seasonal delights are quirky and cute, with flavour to match!

What is a Crumble?

For those not well-versed in British food, you may be wondering what a crumble actually is. It is a traditional pudding (dessert) commonly eaten on Sunday afternoons after a Sunday roast! The pudding consists of a cooked apple bottom and a crumbly top – normally made from flour, brown sugar, butter, and oats. Today, crumbles can have all kinds of fruit in, from gooseberries to plums, to rhubarb! If you’re visiting the UK or London for the first time, this is a food you cannot miss out on – and Humble Crumble is at the top of our recommendations!

How is Humble Crumble Different?

Humble Crumble offers delicious desserts with a difference. At their permanent market stands you’ll find signs hanging over the counter allowing you to choose each stage of your crumble. This allows you to have complete control over your concoction. From the fruit served in the bottom, to whether you opt for shortbread or vegan crumble. The real fun begins with the topping, however! With the traditional side of custard (with a vegan choice too), to frozen custard, drizzled chocolate, and cream! There are lots to choose from! Humble Crumble is also known for their toasted marshmallow toppers to their puddings!

I wasn’t entirely sure how marshmallows would pair alongside a crumble on our first visit to this London eatery but I was pleasantly surprised! The marshmallow brought a different texture and an extra layer of sweetness to one of my favourite British classics! If you haven’t yet tried this topping I would definitely recommend it! After the marshmallows, you can also add rose petals, meringue, and nut toppings!

Humble Crumble: A Review

I am one for celebrating festivities and so my first trip to Humble Crumble was in October 2021 to try out their Halloween limited edition pudding. This consisted of a hollowed-out pumpkin, with pumpkin spiced fruit, served with shortbread crumble, marshmallow swirl, and lashings of creamy custard! I was not let down by this and found it to be extremely tasty and a great Halloween thing to do in London! We went as soon as they opened on a Saturday to make sure we didn’t miss out on this edition! I’m very excited if they bring this back next year as I certainly want to take some of my Halloween loving friends! 

try Humble Crumble's halloween pumpkin special

The second visit was again festive, this time to try the winter wonderland crumble. For this, I went for the plum fruit, with treacle and gingerbread crumble, custard, and Christmas marshmallow (green marshmallow shaped into Christmas trees). This again was utterly delicious and Spitalfields was decorated turning it into a London Christmas market!

festive crumbles in London

In terms of pricing, I’d put Humble Crumble in the middle range. It’s certainly not cheap, but it’s also not extortionate. The prices are clearly laid out with each topping you opt for costing a different amount. If you’re eating to yourself I’d go with the smaller size. The larger size was plenty big enough for two of us sharing, and was perhaps even too much!

the interior of Humble Crumble's permanent location at Spitalfields

More recently we’ve visited their new permanent location in Spitalfields Market which features touch screens to order so you can have time to decide what you want. Personally, we went for a 50/50 fruit mix of apple and berries. We got ours as takeout to eat at our office – when you do this they give you your custard in a separate pot to ensure it doesn’t get your crumble soggy.

What to Do After You’ve Visited Humble Crumble

Once you’ve wolfed down your yummy dessert at Humble Crumble you may wonder what to do next. Luckily whether you’ve visited Spitalfields Market or Borough Market there is plenty to do! Take a stroll around the non-food stalls at Spitalfields to discover wonderful creations by local artists and beyond, then take a wander to Tower Bridge to take in the river views! For Borough Market take a stroll around the neighbourhood, taking in the Shard and other London landmarks!

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